Meet Dr. Natalie Muir-Young of Young smiles

Our dentist in Arlington offers pediatric dental care to kids of all ages and health conditions. Dr. Natalie Muir-Young is a board-certified pediatric dentist who works to help your child feel at ease and relaxed during their appointment. Since we specialize in children’s dentistry, our office is designed to create a warm, welcoming, and kid-friendly environment.

Dr. Natalie Muir-Young - Young Smiles | Pediatric Dentist in Arlington, VA

Meet Dr. Natalie Muir-Young

Dr. Young, a board-certified pediatric dentist in Arlington, and is an airway advocate and passionately committed to helping children develop habits that lead to exceptional oral health.

She graduated from Howard University College of Dentistry in 2005 and went on to complete a two-year General Practice Residency at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital serving as chief resident and focusing on oral surgery techniques and children with special needs. Following some time teaching and in private practice, she returned to Howard for postdoctoral study, earning the Pediatric Dentistry Award (given to the resident who achieved the highest grade-point average during the program). During her 20 years of practice and continuous study, she has broadened her understanding and recognition of early signs of sleep-disordered breathing, and how airway formation and development in children contribute to sleep quality, perhaps the most important factor in childhood development.

At work she's always laughing out too loudly, singing (even though I have a terrible voice) and trying to steal as many hugs as possible throughout the day.

Outside of work, she's probably spa hopping, on a date night with her husband, or binge-watching a true-crime docuseries on the ID Channel.

Bonding with families and creating long-lasting relationships is what Dr. Young truly loves about her profession.

Pediatric Dental Care for Kids of All Ages

A child's dental needs evolve and change as they grow. All children have different dental, developmental, functional, and emotional needs, whether they’re infants, toddlers, or teenagers. Our pediatric dentist in Arlington has the advanced training and resources to offer age-specific care during every stage of childhood.

Babies and Toddlers

Early dental exams and screenings are crucial to a child’s oral function, dietary intake, tooth formation, and speech development. For infants, we screen for concerns such as lip and tongue ties. We also work with toddlers as they become a little more independent to teach them how to brush their teeth correctly, laying the groundwork for lifelong oral health.

School-Aged Children

From preschoolers to preteens, a child’s smile undergoes many changes. It’s crucial that kids feel at ease with their dentist so that they can access preventative care, early intervention, and learn the skills they need to promote healthy teeth and gums. We’ll also monitor their tooth eruption patterns and jaw growth to intercept potential concerns that might otherwise lead to major orthodontic issues in the future.


Healthy and confident smiles can improve everything from your teen’s social relationships to their self-esteem. We recommend regular checkups for teens every six months to help them stay ahead of preventable issues like tooth decay and gum disease. That way once they’re off on their own, they’ll be less likely to experience major dental issues.

Dr. Natalie Muir-Young - Young Smiles | Pediatric Dentist in Arlington, VA
Dr. Natalie Muir-Young - Young Smiles | Pediatric Dentist in Arlington, VA

Care Tailored for Children

Our pediatric dental practice is outfitted with the newest technology and resources for kids. Preventive care, restorative procedures, and orthodontic treatments are among the many services we provide. We have special equipment designed to care for young, developing smiles and small teeth, many of which are not available at a traditional family practice.

Our dentist in Arlington is dedicated to providing individualized treatment for every child. We want your family to enjoy their time with us, so we educate parents and kids alike on how to better promote great oral health.

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